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The Ease of Cheap Airfares
There was a time when travel agents ruled the industry. You had to go to them to get the lowest airfare. Even then, there was no guarantee that you would get the lowest-priced air ticket. It all depended on your luck, the booking skills of the agent and the interest taken by the travel agent in your case.

Things certainly have changed in the travel industry. There are hundreds of websites online that sell tickets at amazingly low prices; some of them at rates that are lower than the discounted airline rates. All these sites operate 24/7, so you can log on at any point of the day or night and buy your ticket.

The challenge is finding the site that provides the lowest fare. Each site claims that its prices are the lowest. However, comparisons will illustrate that they are more or less alike. So, what should you do?

You should first stop by travel search engines like SideStep.com, Kayak.com or Mobissimo.com. These sites search all travel-related sites to check which site is offering the lowest airfare. Even more, they also complete the booking for you. So, you have the advantage of finding out the lowest fare by visiting only one site.

However, the drawback here is that some travel sites have prohibited search engines from going through their database. The results that you see, therefore, do not include the fares that these sites offer. So, you need to compare prices at large travel sites like Expedia, Travelocity, Lowestfare.com before making a decision.

Another way of getting the lowest available fare is to sign up for site notifications that inform you of price decreases. These sites send an e-mail whenever they learn that an airline is willing to slash their fares. However, in these sales you can't choose your flight.
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