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Boat Cover Manufacturers
When you're in the market for boat accessories, particularly covers, your first priority should be in finding reputable boat cover manufacturers.  After all, the cover you choose should provide years of protection for your boat, and your investment.

Boat cover manufacturers can be large or small, mom-and-pop operations or big corporations.  The size of the company is not significant; it's the product quality that counts.  Reputable boat cover manufacturers combine talent with art, innovation and personalized service.  There is a lot more to creating a boat cover than simply cutting materials and sewing the pieces together.

Custom Covers

Fresh water boat cover manufacturers can be found virtually anywhere, while those that manufacture covers specifically for salt water will likely be located closer to the ocean.  Generally speaking, custom boat covers are created in smaller local workshops, rather than being exported from larger mass-manufacturing plants.

Smaller-scale boat cover manufacturers are found in workshops just big enough to employ a few talented people.  These shops often provide the highest quality work, because the staff is experienced and dedicated to creating boat covers and related products.  If you have an older model of boat, or a custom craft with an unusual shape, you can find that smaller boat cover manufacturers will be willing to create a pattern just for your boat.  After collecting the measurements, they will make a pattern and a create a prototype.  If the prototype fits well, the team will assemble the final product and keep your pattern on file in case they ever need it again.  This type of service is hard to find with a large-scale manufacturer.

Inside the workshop, professional boat cover manufacturers work at cutting machines and industrial-strength sewing machines.  There are giant rolls of fabric, spools of cord and thread, and computers to help the operation run smoothly.  When you choose a local boat cover manufacturer, ask for a workshop tour to see how your cover will all come together.

In addition to superb quality, another huge benefit is the personal service you'll receive when dealing with smaller boat cover manufacturers.  A real person will answer the phone when you call, and you'll likely be able to speak directly with the owner or head tailor for direct replies to any of your questions.

Mass-Produced Covers

Another, less-expensive option is to choose a semi-custom or universal cover for your boat.  These covers typically cost less because the manufacturer does not have many of the expenses incurred by custom tailors, such as measuring your craft and designing the pattern.   Large factories will usually manufacturer just a few styles of boat covers, so they do not require a specialized design team like a smaller shop.  

Mass-produced boat covers are often made in countries where labor is inexpensive and unique knowledge is not necessarily required.  These workshops contain the same types of cutting and sewing machines as those found in smaller manufacturers; however the focus on sheer quantity requires row upon row of machines, rather than just a few.

There are certainly benefits to both large operations and smaller shops.  If a universal boat cover is all that you really need, why spend the money on a custom cover?  On the other hand, if the protection of your specialized boat is worth any cost, than you can be better off with a custom-made cover.  The choice is ultimately yours.
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